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    CSG Guarantees the Safe and Reliable Electricity Use at Key Sites; Ports and Venues that Produce Livelihood Goods for Hong Kong

    信息來源:  發布時間2022-03-10

    On the evening of February 20, staff from the Shenzhen Luohu Power Supply Bureau probed cable lines at the Wenjindu Port.

    Hong Kong - The fifth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage in Hong Kong, with ripple effects that have caused a serious impact on the safety and health of the public, the economy of Hong Kong and the livelihood of its people.
    The Central Government of China continues to be concerned about this issue of containment of COVID-19 in Hong Kong. China Southern Power Grid senior managers immediately organized staff to ensure power supplies to key users and sites such as product supply bases to Hong Kong, Shenzhen ports, and Shenzhen-Hong Kong cross-border freight hub.
    More than 90% of the fresh vegetables consumed in Hong Kong come from mainland China and to ensure the safety and reliability of electrical use in the growing and brining vegetables and food supplies to market, CSG senior managers immediately organized Company staff to inspect the electricity use in vegetable and food suppliers to Hong Kong.
    “In previous years, the weather decided our output. Now, it depends on the abundance and steady flow of electricity. It is such a relief that you are here to help us”, said Lin Honghua, head of the Guangdong Liugu Yuxing Agriculture Co., Ltd., a vegetable and food supplier to Hong Kong.
    On February 10, Mr. Lin cheerfully brought in staff from the Liangjing Power Supply Station of Huizhou Huiyang Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Power Grid Company to their greenhouse.
    The Guangzhou Jincongyu Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in growing leafy vegetables for Hong Kong and Macao with an annual output of more than 20,000 tonnes. From the end of January to mid-February, senior managers from the Guangzhou Zengcheng Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Power Grid Company visited the company several times to conduct special safety checks and eliminate potential safety hazards.
    Over the past several weeks days, the Shenzhen cross-border freight hub adjacent to Hong Kong has been in full operation.
    At 18:00 on February 16, Shenzhen Longgang Power Supply Bureau senior engineers received an urgent notice that they needed to send emergency power to the cross-border freight hub. The hub was to be put into operation before 14:00 the following day as it facilitates the transfer and connection of trucks travelling between Shenzhen and Hong Kong.
    The emergency response team of the Bureau’s Buji Power Supply Branch arrived at the scene to investigate and optimize the power supply plan. The team also excavated the foundation of the box change, laid cables as well as other work. They also deployed power generation vehicles to the scene to prepare for emergency power supply. After 11 hours of continuous operation, the bureau managers produced a safe power supply operation to the freight hub, during which a new 100-kVA compact substation was built and 1100 meters of 10-kV cable lines were laid.
    At 8:40 pm of February 18, the 10 kV intelligent public cabinet near the Shenzhen Pingshan Comprehensive Bonded Zone was switched on and began to deliver power as an integral part of the COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control emergency project site of Shenzhen-Hong Kong cargo cross-border in Pingshan District.
    In just 36 hours, Shenzhen Pingshan Power Supply Bureau completed the installation and delivery of 500 kVA transformer and related supporting facilities, which was completed 12 hours ahead of schedule.
    To ensure that both the Liantang Port and Wenjindu Port in Shenzhen could shift power supplies promptly when (and if) the main supply line fails, Shenzhen Luohu Power Supply Bureau engineers developed a special inspection plan for the line equipment at the port. Based on this inspection, the Bureau established an “Equipment Health File” to further improve the reliability of the power supply at the port.
    In Yantian District, Shenzhen Yantian Power Supply Bureau established a communication system with medical disinfectant manufacturers and vegetable transfer stations for Hong Kong. The Bureau senior managers proactively learned about the demand for power supply and conducted special inspections of power distribution equipment and security checks to ensure adequate power supply for its key business and leisure clients.
    It was reported that the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau senior leadership has been fully committed to ensuring the safe and stable operation of eleven Shenzhen-Hong Kong liaison lines at 110 kV and above and six nuclear power lines at 220 kV and above.
    Since February 2022, the Bureau senior managers organized 19 emergency repair teams and 31 emergency power generation vehicles to prepare for the rapid handling of unexpected power outages. An average of more than 700 staff and 220 vehicles are dedicated daily to carrying out inspection and maintenance of relevant power supply facilities and electrical safety inspection services to fully guarantee the reliable supply of electricity to 156 important clients and key sites such as seven ports including Shenzhen Bay, product supply bases to Hong Kong and medical supply enterprises.